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Download Kik For Android, iOS & Windows PC(7, 8, 10)


There are many instant messaging apps are available on Android and iOS devices. Among them, Kik app is one of the best instant messaging application that is compatible with all the devices. Through this app, people can send an unlimited number of messages, images and even video calling to their friends and family members. The installation process of Kik for PC is also very simple and one can easily get this app on their computers.

Not only in smartphones, people can use this excellent application on their computer with the help of android emulators they are Bluestacks and Andy. It is recommended to use the Bluestacks than Andy emulator. This app provides the user with a fun-filled thrill connection with their friends. It is easy to send messages at a free of cost. In this post, we have furnished the Kik for PC features, you can check them out and get an idea about the Kik for PC messaging app.

The messaging is the common trend nowadays where people are using various instant messaging apps to connect with their family members and friends. With this Kik app, one can easily be in touch with their friends. This app is not like other instant messaging apps because, in other apps, you need to give your number to use the app. But in this app, a user can activate the account by logging with your Google or Gmail account.

Features of Kik for PC application

The Kik messenger app is one of the best-secured applications that is designed with many features, especially for security. It comes with a feature that you can blur the messages and also has also an option to view the messages sent by other people from a different network.

There is also one unique feature available on this app, i.e., Anonymity. To register in this app, you need to enter your Google account email ID, first and last name, date of birth and you have to give a unique username. There is no need to enter your mobile number to register.

People who are using Kik for PC has an ability to delete the annoying and offensive content or you can just block the person from messaging you. If you get annoyed by the messages from strangers, you can easily block them with the blocking option.

This Kik for PC is entirely used as a Cross-App to connect with your friends. If you want to communicate with other people in other apps such as gaming app, you can use Kik for PC app and can able to communicate with them.

It consists of video recording feature which is designed for recording all types of videos. People can also send previously recorded video to others by using this app. One of the numerous features in this Kik for PC application is “Full Screen”. While you are chatting you can make screen to full screen in the chat browse. With this feature, users can easily search and share the content that they want to their friends directly from the web.

Kik for PC application provides a unique code that is similar to QR code. Through this code, you can able to get connected and chat with your family members and friends easily.


Hence, this is the information about Kik messenger application features. There are many amazing features available in this app. Without wasting time, download and install the Kik for PC app on your computer and enjoy all of its features for free.